Why Black Bolt?


At Black Bolt CrossFit we are focused on YOU and your unique personal goals.  Whether you want to be an elite athlete, run your fastest marathon, exercise for the first time in your life, or simply want to be able to lift your grandchildren and groceries, Black Bolt CrossFit is for you.

Our mission is to help you achieve goals that are important to YOU.  We welcome all skill levels, and guarantee that CrossFit will improve your quality of life.  At Black Bolt CrossFit, you will experience individualized coaching and guidance every class, every day.  We are focused on injury prevention, education and health longevity.

We realize CrossFit can be intimidating and want you to know that we are here to make your experience fun and safe. Working out with friends helps provide motivation and accountability to achieve your long-term goals.

Here at Black Bolt CrossFit, you will go through our PT-Fundamentals program that consists of 5-10 Personal Training Sessions. Within these sessions you will learn proper technique, movement patterns, mobility stretches and receive simple nutrition coaching. Stop in and see why Black Bolt CrossFit is right for you.