March Athlete of the Month


Whitney Hill


Proudest accomplishment at Black Bolt?

Getting my 195 lb Back Squat PR after battling ongoing back issues!

When did you first start doing CrossFit?

This month marks my 5th year :) whoop, whoop!

How did you find Black Bolt? Why do you train?

One of my favorite workout couples, the Dickerts, was looking to move gyms and mentioned they were going to drop in at Black Bolt so I decided to join. After that I was hooked:) I train because there is nothing else that has kept my attention for even a year let alone 5 years, lol. I've tried yoga, zumba, jazzercise, boxing, etc. but none of it compares to CrossFit. I love how it is always something different and I love lifting heavy!

What is your Favorite and least favorite movement?

Fav: Shoulder to Overhead... specifically the Push Jerk!

Least fav: Thrusterrrrrr

Do you follow a specific diet plan? Favorite Cheat meal:)?

I currently count macros, but I LOVE pizza with ranch. 

What is your daily motivation to workout?

Living the healthiest lifestyle that I can. I have back issues and I have found that the more I move the less it hurts! I also enjoy starting my day with a workout that is bound to kick my butt and share in the misery with friends!

One thing you have done at Black Bolt that you NEVER that you would do?

Actually enjoying Cleans!

One song that gets you amped up during a WOD?

Drop it Low by Ester Dean, especially if its a WOD that has squats I'm like ok the song is telling me to drop it low so I gotta drop it past parallel!

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know.

I am OBSESSED with animals (especially Panda Bears) and will likely push a child out of the way to be closer to one/ pet it  :)