CrossFit... This stuff isn't for me.


Pass. It isn’t for me. I’m not competitive. I just like to run. I am not interested in being part of this so called “cult” and I’m in great shape just running. I’ve been running for 15 years and I like how I look and am content with logging loads of miles because that’s what I like to do.

That’s what I said every single time someone told me I should give CrossFit a try. To be honest I was a little nervous, those gyms seemed to attract some pretty intense people and I wasn’t sold that I would like it. My fitness life consisted of logging hours and hours of miles, short runs during the week, long runs on the weekends, religiously. I was averaging anywhere between 40-50 miles per week.

Long story short, I gave into the persistence of my sister-in-law and went to my first CrossFit class in January of 2012. Buckets of chalk, barbells, kettlebells…but wait, no treadmills, no elliptical, no TVs, not even mirrors. Intriguing. These people all look amazing, and they happen to be ridiculously nice…the mystery continues.   I all of a sudden don’t feel so “in shape”. I did my first week of intro classes and was hooked!

After joining CrossFit I started to see a complete transformation of my body AND my running ability. I achieved the holy grail of fitness, I started to see my abs – can I get an Amen? So wait, let me get this right, less miles and I am faster with abs?– impossible. I promise it’s true. I started getting more and more into CrossFit and getting leaner and stronger . I never stopped running after I joined, but I started reducing my mileage. All of a sudden I was only logging 20-30 mile weeks and getting BETTER race results.   This was a huge mental shift for me, I always believed the more the miles logged the faster I will eventually become. CrossFit has proved to me otherwise.

To put things into perspective I will give a few examples. Prior to CrossFit my best 5K times were always between 25 and 27 minutes. To date I am proud to say my best 5K time is 21:20! In terms of 10Ks I was averaging about 55 minutes and am now consistently running 50 minute 10ks. My half marathon times have gone from the struggle to break 2 hours to my most recent half (of which I logged my fewest training miles) and hit 1:51! My marathons have gone from averaging 4:45 – 5 hours to running 4:30s or less. Although the improvement in times may not seem major it is to me. When I look over the past 15 years of running was running the same pace and getting the same result over and over. Since joining CrossFit its sparked my curiosity on how fast I have the potential to become.

I get pretty emotional thinking about how CrossFit changed my life, the most significant of those changes are things you can’t see. It improved my confidence (I may be small but I can lift a crap ton of weight!), it improved my inner motivation to embrace change and push harder, and it improved my circle of friends. Little did I know that I would end up having over a hundred (that’s a real number) new friends! You can’t put a price on that.

Pre CrossFit:
2010 Miami Half Marathon: 2:02
2012 Miami Half Marathon: 2:07

After Joining CrossFit:
2013 Miami Half Marathon: 2:02
2014 Miami Half Marathon: 2:00
2015 Miami Half Marathon: 1:51

Pre CrossFit:
2012 Dallas Marathon: 5:12

After Joining CrossFit
2013: Jacksonville Marathon: 4:34
2014: Space Coast Marathon: 4:27
2013 Boston Athletic Association 5k: 23:01
2014 Reindeer Run 5K: 21:20
2014 Jingle All the Way 10k: 50:20
2015: WP Double Dare 2miler&10K: 1:06 (8 miles)