Welcome Jennifer Pardue (@jenniferspardue) to the Black Bolt Staff!


We are extremely excited with the addition of our 2 coaches! Here is a little bit about Jennifer!

"I started CrossFit in 2013. It was the only thing I hadn't yet tried to lose weight. I was 180 pounds at 5 ft 1in and had cholesterol and digestive issues due to my sedentary lifestyle and eating trashy for years. Doctors told me that I would be on cholesterol and blood pressure medication by the time I was 30 if I didn't change my lifestyle. After 6 months of CrossFit 3 times a week I had lost 20 pounds. I finally educated myself on how to eat properly and started the paleo diet. I got down to about 135 pounds and had reached many of the CrossFit goals I had set for myself. I decided to get my CFL1 so I could coach the sport that changed my life. When I did, I began the zone diet and lost 15 more pounds! I finally achieved my lifetime weight loss goal and have kept the weight off for over a year now! CrossFit (and Jesus) changed my life forever. I can't describe in words how much better my quality of life is because of CrossFit and the education it provided me about functional fitness and nutrition! I absolutely love nothing more than sharing my love of CrossFit with others. I know the power it holds and how it can change lives. I love seeing people achieve weight loss and health goals they never thought they could! I hope to one day make coaching CrossFit and personal training my full time job!"#newbeginnings #excited #strength #power#BlackBolt ️ #CrossFit #BOLTUP