JR. Bolts - Teen Program


Our Jr. Bolts Program (Teens) will be an opportunity for both new and experienced athletes to focus on strength and conditioning. All classes will utilize specifically designed programming under the supervision of a Black Bolt CrossFit Coach. Every movement will be performed with skill progression in mind, so this class is open to ALL fitness levels!

There is an increased emphasis on safety of movement, as well as consistent demonstration of proper technique and mechanics. The safety of our athletes is of the utmost importance and our goal is to support them in making gains across a broad range of physical fitness domains.

Equally as important as developing their physical capacity, we will strive to create a positive and healthy space for our Jr. Bolts to spend time with their friends and build confidence in their abilities. Black Bolt is a strong community filled with members and coaches who are passionate about fitness and role model a healthy lifestyle. We are excited to develop a sense of community with their peers, and learn to leave their egos at the door and feel empowered by their amazing capacity for growth!

A typical class involves the following...

  • Warm-up & Mobility

  • Skill / Strength Work

  • Metabolic Conditioning (WOD)

  • Recovery & Mobility

Program Details: 2x per week Training

  • Tuesday: 5:30pm

  • Wednesday: 7:30pm (Aerobic Capacity Class) FREE BONUS CLASS!

  • Thursday: 5:30pm

As a Jr. Bolt they will benefit from everything CrossFit has to offer including coaching, programming and modifications designed to suit their ability and skill level.