Our Value

We pride ourselves on not being the cheapest gym in town – and we hope that cheap is not what you're looking for. Our price is reflective of the unparalleled level of coaching and service that we provide and lifelong value of a healthy lifestyle.



Unlimited Classes per month!

(<$7 per class)

(Couples rates available)

12 Classes


12 Classes per month

(<$14 per class)

8 Classes


8 Classes per month

(<$19 per class)


pay in full!


1-Year Membership

*BBCF Members: 2-months FREE!

*NON-members: FREE PT-Fundamentals!



  • 2x Per Week

  • Wednesday’s & Thursday’s

  • Learn Olympic Lifts & Skill Transfers

  • Proper Technique!

BBCF Test-out

  • Must arrive 10-15min before class

  • Chat with coach!

  • Gym Rules

  • Test-Out Session

(NEW to Black Bolt & 1+yrs experience CrossFit!)


You will learn:

  • Correct Movement Patterns

  • Proper lifting Technique

  • Mobility Exercises

  • Nutritional Guidance