1.What brought you to CrossFit?

All growing up and through college, I was in a dance company. When I started vet school, I had to give up dance. I was never able to find a regimented group fitness that I could be consistent with. My husband found a Groupon for CrossFit in 2013 and we started together. I have never looked back! I love the community feel, high intensity fitness, controlled time commitment, and constantly varied workouts.

2.What was your first impression?

I was excited about the environment in the first gym I went to several years ago. I saw women lifting weights and was nervous since I had never done that before. Walking into BlackBolt, I knew it was a good gym. I tried a few other CrossFit gyms in Cary prior to finding BlackBolt and am so glad I ended up here! The staff, community and space are superb!

3.What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

Crossfitting throughout my first pregnancy! I didn't want to give up the physical, social or mental benefits of CrossFit and am so thankful to the coaches at BlackBolt for helping me modify to achieve that goal!

4.What are you working on now?

Continuing to CrossFit as long as possible throughout pregnancy and getting back as soon as safely possible postpartum. I've been riding the bike and using dumbbells a lot : ) I can't wait to run (who am I?), jump rope and do explosive barbell movements again soon.

5.What’s your favorite Black Bolt CrossFit memory?

My baby shower WOD! I had so much fun laughing while everyone did a modified workout with balloon babies in their shirts. I was so overwhelmed with the huge group that came out to celebrate. What an AWESOME community!

Jason OBannon