Michelle Richardson


What brought you to CrossFit?

I moved from Colorado to Cary at the end of August 2017!

What was your first impression?  

I knew I was going to become a Bolt the moment I walked in, met Jason and a few of the morning members. I could see how they encouraged one another and had such great positive energy. I did not need to “shop around” for a box. Black Bolt was it!!  For me, there is no need to go anywhere else:)

What’s been your biggest accomplishment?  

I still cannot believe I PR’ed on the snatch. I even have video of it!!! Thanks to the Weightlifting Club!!!! :)

What are you working on now?  

Every WOD presents something challenging for me. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much:) There is ALWAYS something to work on!

What’s your favorite Black Bolt CrossFit memory?  

It’s hard to say just one. I’ve only been there for 4 months, but have already had tons of funny moments. I constantly giggle to myself and out loud when I am at Black Bolt. It’s fantastic. There is always something funny going on with hard work. It’s a perfect balance. I love it!!!

Jason OBannon