Preston Taylor


1.What brought you to CrossFit?

I came to Black Bolt CrossFit to prepare for boot camp to become a United States Marine. I ship out this coming June and Black Bolt has helped me become better, stronger, and faster!

2.What was your first impression?  

Walking into Black Bolt, my first impression was it was intimidating, but everyone there was nice and encouraging! I didn’t feel like I was being judged as to my ability. Everyone is there to cheer you on, and help push yourself to do the things you’d never imagine doing.

3.What’s been your biggest accomplishment?  

My biggest accomplishments have been improving on my endurance and hitting new PR’s in all of my lifts!

4.What are you working on now?  

Right now I am working on my ability to pace myself and be more consistent in my workouts. I tend to go to hard at the beginning and tire myself out quickly near the end. With the help of the coaches at Black Bolt, I am improving everyday. I WILL be ready!

5.What’s your favorite Black Bolt CrossFit memory?  

My favorite memory at Black Bolt was the Veterans Day WOD. That day it had been pouring rain and the temperature was freezing, but I still ran a mile and a half in the freezing rain for our Veterans. It just motivated me even more and it gave me a sense of pride that all this work will soon pay off and one day I will be a Veteran also.

Jason OBannon