Kacie Bull


1. What brought you to CrossFit?

I started CrossFit back in 2010 during my undergrad at UNCW.  My roommate and I were tired of showing up to the rec center walking around talking about the machines and not actually knowing what to do.  So, we started researching gyms in the area and found a CrossFit and decided to do one of their free trial classes. It was a 7 min AMRAP with wall balls, burpees, and a run.  Needless to say I was basically dead afterwards and realized I had lost any conditioning I had from playing lacrosse in high school, so I really did need something more structured and challenging.

2. What was your first impression?

After that first workout I was totally hooked, but also, extremely nervous to workout with weights and seasoned members who actually knew what they were doing.  I quickly learned that some of the most "intimidating" members were actually the most helpful while I was fumbling through all of these movements I had never seen or done before.  

3. What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

Switching from 5:30am to 5:00am haha!  

But seriously, getting a #130 bench press!  Bench press makes me super nervous...even though I always have a spotter; it is just something that always gets in my head since you can't bail like other lifts.  I will have myself convinced I won't be able to do it and I am going to get crushed by the bar before I even sit on the bench. Normally when I do a 1RM it doesn't really feel like it because I get too nervous to go any heavier, and I just settle with a comfortable, heavy single.  So, I was really happy with that and it was a 10lb PR!

4. What are you working on now?

Pacing with higher reps...I am terrible at anything with high reps.  I either go way too slow, or come out way too hot and fall apart in the second half.  I am trying to be more mindful of that then make a mental plan and stick to it so I can stay consistent through a workout and ideally have something left to speed up the last round/minute.  Long shot goals would be muscle ups and handstand walks; I'm in an on again, off again relationship with muscle ups...currently in the off phase, and I have never had handstand walks, so it would be pretty cool to get those and maintain them.

5. What’s your favorite Black Bolt CrossFit memory?!

I have only been a member here for a little while, so my favorite memory coincides with my biggest accomplishment: my bench press PR.  But, my favorite thing in general is that, even though it's only been 3 months, I totally feel like a part of the community! Black Bolt has a great environment, members, and coaches that somehow makes my 4:30 alarm suck a little less! ;)

Jason OBannon