1. What brought you to CrossFit?

I had been training by myself for years, mostly focused on weightlifting, and was looking for a new challenge. A friend of mine had challenged me in the Open for the past few years. While I had been doing a few things on my own and really enjoyed it, I felt like it was time to really push and see about joining an actual box. Three months later, here I am!

2. What was your first impression?

First impression walking into Black Bolt that Saturday was the cleanliness, set-up and inviting nature.  I felt like I was at a place I'd been for years and everyone was very welcoming!

3. What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

According to my shins, it certainly hasn't been my box jump performances haha.  I think I've had quite a few accomplishments, but I'm most proud of the progress with my "front rack position."  Continued practice has given me some better flexibility and has let me enjoy squatting and cleaning a lot.

4. What are you working on now?

Mobility, gymnastics movements and technique in my Olympic lifting!

5. What’s your favorite Black Bolt CrossFit memory?!

The QOD or questions of the day. Love learning about the others and having a bit of light-heartedness before we dive into the workout!

Jason OBannon